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Main Nissan Authorised Service Centre

The long established Nissan dealer was taken over in November 2005 by Anthony Murray and Mark Grainger and together they bring many years of experience. Dunleas are the main Nissan Authorised Repairer for County Kildare and also have the franchise for KIA Sales and Aftersales. Many of the 30 strong workforce have been there for many years and they have seen two and three generations of the same families coming to them to have their cars taken care of.

Barry Brennan, the service advisor is the first person you will meet when you walk into the bright and spacious premises. A qualified mechanic, he has 24 years experience in the Motor trade and has been with Dunleas for 9 years, so he will immediately be able to access what you require. This knowledge speeds up the whole process as he can then liase with the technicians.

“Modern cars are all computerised. It’ s not like years ago when you could pull up the bonnet of a car and take a shot at repairing something yourself,” explains Barry. “It is very important nowadays to go to a service centre where qualified staff will be able to tell what exactly needs to be done to your car .”

“Barry points out that service issues such as changing brake fluid can make all the difference to safe driving in winter conditions. Checking on the interior pollen filter at this time of year can ensure your windscreen clears much quicker during early morning winter starts.”

Once Barry has assessed what needs to be done you will then be in the more than capable hands of Glenn Talt, who is a Master Technician and has been with Dunleas for 19 years. His area of expertise is diagnostics so he will find out exactly what the problem is. Given the way modern cars rely so much on compter technology Glenn jokes that he is almost a computer wizard as much as a mechanic. “I have to update my skills all the time as modern technology changes

“All the staff at Dunleas are on hand to offer practical tips to customers such as regularly changing brake fluid and clutch fluid (especially coming in to the winter), checking out your tyres, and yes, those all important pollen filters, which many of us will not have heard about before!”

Apart from the expertise of the staff at Dunleas, there is also their flexibility and quality of service. Which is where Parts Manager Paul Doyle comes into the picture. Paul has been working at Dunleas for 26 years and over that time has built up a great relationship with all their customers. The Kilcullen native points out that with so many locals on the staff they personally know all their customers, and their cars and will always steer them in the right direction when it comes to parts and service.

“New cars have lots of electric parts. it’s not like previous times when one part might fit a few different types of car models. It is very important now that you get the right part for your car . You can’t take chances on a safety issue like this. We always make sure our customers have the correct parts which we properly install.”

Paul also takes great pride in the wide range of parts they can supply. “We like to make sure we provide as efficient a service as possible. If we know that a certain part is needed and we don’t have it in stock, I can 90% guarantee that we will have it later that day if we order it before 12 noon. We guarantee to get it right first time. No matter what part you’re looking for – from items like wiper blades to brake pads.” So whatever your motoring needs call into Dunleas of Kilcullen to make sure you and your car are ready for winter.